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Wines of extremely high quality are produced on this island whose wine-producing vocation is renowned all over the world. The Erice countryside, in the province of Trapani, has made quality the prime aim of its production. The climatic conditions, the fertile land, the deep-rooted tradition in the cultivation of vines and oenological production have enabled wines to be produced whose quality is now recognized all over the world. It was presuppositions such as this that made it possible to obtain the prestigious recognition of the Controlled Denomination of Origin, Erice D.O.C.
This is yet further proof of the quality of the wines which are checked and controlled during the entire production process. The vines are grown on the hills surrounding the municipality of Erice and the vineyards lie at between 250 and 500 metres in height, but close to the sea. Thanks to this rare combination, the wines reflect the aromas, notes and colours of an extraordinarily heterogeneous territory such as that of D.O.C. Erice.

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