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The fragrances and colours are the most distinctive characteristics of the products from the province of Trapani. Used in gastronomy, they create unforgettable flavours whose origins can be found in the ancient traditions of the civilizations that have settled here.
The tradition of fishing tuna dates back to time of the Arab domination in Sicily.
The cultivation and culture of salt date back to the Phoenicians and nowadays salt is one of the province's most important products. Olive trees, from the autochthonous cultivar already known and appreciated by the Greeks and Romans, grow well in this area and
the oil produced from these trees has an intense characteristic fragrance and an agreeable harmonious flavour.
The marzipan sweets, pastries and the almond biscuits, made following ancient recipes in the Erice convent tradition, are also delicious and widely acclaimed.


Ottenuto con la tecnica di coltivazione biologica osservando anche il disciplinare di produzione DOP Valli Trapanesi.
E' un blend di olive Cerasuola, Biancolilla e Nocellara del Belice, possiede un sapore intenso, fruttato e risulta adatto per condire carni, minestre, salse e insalate.

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